About B.A. Photography

B.A. Photography is owned by Brian Anderson in Anoka, Minnesota. I am just a one man operation that started out in 2001 with just one goal: Create good quality photos with good color at a reasonable price.
I Have several years of experience in photo retouching and color in the desktop publishing industy. When my children came home with portraits from school or their sports team and the color of their skin is dark red and the basketball floor is green instead of a wood color, I decided I could do better than that.
I didn’t have alot of equipment or even a studio space to start with, but over the years I started to aquire equipment a little at a time. I set up a studio in my home instead of a studio off sight, that is how I can keep my prices very low and reasonable. No, there is nothing fancy about B.A. Photography, but I do guarantee one thing, "you must be satisfied with your portraits or you will get your money back."
So you really have nothing to lose.

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How B.A. Photography works

All portraits taken by B.A. Photography are digital and of high quality. Portraits taken are online for viewing usually within 24 hours of your photo session or event. You will download an order form that fits your needs, where you will also be directed on how to order and view your portraits.
If you are viewing Senior Portraits or Sport portraits your photo album will be password protected,so you or your team will be the only one with access to them. If there are event pictures such as prom candids or sporting events, these will be free photo downloads if I was hired for your event. You are able to download those directly off my web sight and you will be directed on how to this when you click SPORTS ACTION PICS.

Anoka, Minnesota
phone: 763-670-8596